3D Fins

Logo graphic and raw photography provided by client, then I photo-manipulated them and added text to the final designs.

Roll : Posters + UI design
Creative Director : Mitch Black
Client : 3D Fins

3D Fins is an Australian team of surfers and engineers who had developed a radical new type of surfing fin that allows the surfer to get 30% more power, speed, spray and air. The product was to be  released commercially in 2012 and they wanted help generating hype for the product.

  1. The first part of the brief was to design an A3 posters that would both appeal to Australian surfers and an international market. For the first poster I wanted to try and make a surreal, otherworldly kind of image for one poster, and then go for a more traditional beach coloured one for the second poster. The client really liked the first.
  2. The second part of the brief was to redesign of their corporate Powerpoint presentation. I built in some slides in Adobe Flash Catalyst.


udo_3Dfins_posters-1 udo_3Dfins_posters-1_textudo_3Dfins_posters-2udo_3Dfins_posters-2_text