What I do

Hey there! My name is Edi. I’m a freelance illustrator, designer, and drawing teacher. The kind of commercial work I tend to do are things like, but not limited to:

  • Illustrations and artwork for books, album covers, posters, clothing, murals and tattoos.
  • Designs for logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, and general graphics for web advertising/social media.

I teach part-time and casually at both secondary and tertiary level institutes.

  • Courses on the Fundamentals of Drawing, Intro to Graphic Design courses, and digital painting in Photoshop workshops.
  • Free art tutorials on my Youtube channel.


Highly experienced in: Illustration (both hand-drawn and digital painting), character and creature design, graphic design, typography, teaching. Highly skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and inDesign

Basic knowledge of: 3D modeling in Cinema 4D, video creation and editing in Adobe After Effects and Premiere.

The Drink & Draw

In my free time I created and host the Drink & Draw: Perth WA Drawing Club, a Sunday sketch club held at various pubs around town. Its aim is to provide a relaxed community atmosphere for amateur and serious sketchers alike to get together and draw, socialize and learn from one another.

Awards & Exhibitions

  • Winner of the 2015 Art Games, a local year-long competition where each month two artists paint live in front of an audience whose vote decides the winner. A theme is revealed a week prior. It’s an elimination style format with the winner from round 1 versing the winner from round 5 and so on and so forth until there’s only one left. Read Rotunda Media’s Review: The ArtGames Grand Final


I was interviewed by Natalie Evans from The Perth Review. She came down to one of the Drink & Draw sessions which I host, asked me some questions and gave me a design challenge to do.

Click here for my CV.