Roll : Design
Creative Director : Hadi Sarieddine
Client : Benevolent



From the Benevolent Instagram page

Screenshot_20160729-190315 Screenshot_20160729-190337 Screenshot_20160729-190351 Screenshot_20160729-190306


I was supplied with this graphic by the band. They already had an established logo and symbol but they wanted me to integrate it somehow into an icy or rocky background.


I experimented with making the symbol look more 3-dimensional, embedding it inside ice and stone, seeing what it looked like glowing.benevolent_process02 benevolent_process03 benevolent_process04 benevolent_process05

Once we got a rough look that we liked, I started designing the more intricate line work around the symbol. I wanted to make it look like some sort of hi-tech ancient technology like in those ancient astronaut theories. Like it was made by some sort of advanced extraterrestrial race that visited the ancient Mayans or Aztec.benevolent_process06