Breaking Habit – Fashion Runway Show

I was asked to design some social media ads for a fashion runway show organised by Perth-based collective Inspiring Design & Co.  I was given a Dropbox full of model photography, the event details, sponsor logos, and was asked to see what I could do.

  • Client: Inspiring Design & Co
  • Creative Director : Nga Huia
  • Roll : Branding, photo retouching, logo design

Instagram & Facebook Advertising

“The guidelines to the poster design has to reflect ID&Co Productions. We want to shine light on local businesses involved in the show. Inspiring Design & Co is bringing together creative businesses and highlighting their individual strengths, through “Breaking Habit” production. This show wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the teams working together. We are breaking habits and being different, that’s what this poster needs to reflect.”

The Event

All raw photography by Jun Kendrick and Shazaan Hyder

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