Monicka And The Wolf

edi_udo_monicka_and_the_wolf monicka_and_the_wolf_tshirt_04_web monicka_and_the_wolf_tshirt_03_web monicka_and_the_wolf_tshirt_02_web monicka_and_the_wolf_tshirt_01_web

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goat_lostchildren_web_03 goat_lostchildren_web_04 goat_rose_tshirtmockup

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Assassin’s Creed Licensed Skater Dress

Living Dead Clothing asked me to come up with some designs for one of their skater dresses. They sent me reference images of the character Ezio from the Assassin’s Creed video game franchise, a blank dress template and asked me to see what I could do.

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